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Who do you call for J-rock? the Amplitude Grounds

Published on 2012/08/31 by in Featured, ninki

I’m sure you’ve heard of Asian Kung Fu Generation also known as AKFG, but to those who haven’t, it’s a well-known J-rock band in Japan. If you’re a J-rock enthusiast, then you might find yourself addicted to their music. However, we can’t just fly over to Japan to watch them perform live so I’ve got the next best thing for you.

It’s Cebu’s very own AG!

So what is this AG?

AG stands for AMPLITUDE GROUNDS. It is a local band that goes more likely with AKFG!

The Cebuano people have been known as natural-born singers, if not musicians.

Which is why Cebu is overpopulated by indie bands, but what sets AG apart from the rest is that they specialize on J-rock and J-pop. The reason behind this is because the members share the same interest in music and anime and of course the AKFG influence!

The band started 2 years ago and has been playing in several Cosplay events including Otaku Fest and Hobcon.

Here’s a VIDEO performance of the band taken during a cosplay event called Harajuku District that was held last November.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”394″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QLh-LuKOLU[/youtube]

The title of the song is Last Cross, an opening theme song of an Anime popularly known as Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn.

It’s not every day that we hear a local band play J-rock songs and not to mention the quality and the pronunciation of the words, so the next time you decide to go to a cosplay event, I’m pretty sure you’ll know who you’d like to listen to. Rock on AG! 😀

The members of AG:

Glee Segun (Vocal & Guitar)
Gerson Velmonte (Guitar)
Myand Abao (Bass)
Alvin Carciller (Drum)


Glee Segun’s Blog: iAmbidextrous

This article is an English Translation from http://www.excitecebu.com/2012/08/local-jrock-band/ article.
English translations by rarusuchin and Credits to
English Editor: @magicaljeanie
Japanese Editor: Mikio/Hiro


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