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Japan Fest 2012: Song Contest

Singing. one of the things in common that Japanese and Filipinos both love. Karaoke. the favorite Tambayan and what you see most in the corners of the Philippines and even in the streets of Japan!

A native Japanese once told us that Karaoke comes from Japan. Kara(空/から) means “empty” in English while oke(オーケ) is Japanese for “orchestra”! Seems legit? 😉

Yeah, Karaoke may meant as an “empty orchestra”. Empty like in a way that there are no actual musical instruments in a Karaoke room isn’t it? But yet you can still sing and enjoy good music even with only a microphone and a songbook! 😀

The organizing body of the Japan Festival 2012 never fails to bring out how Jappinoys love about Karaoke. So as a Karaoke-like activity… here’s about the Song Contest.

Mechanics are simple. Participants are Filipinos and Japanese. One could either prepare an instrumental song to sing with or prepare a special band to play their song.

Except for this one rule that puts up a twist! The Filipino should sing with a Japanese song while a Japanese participant should sing in either a Tagalog or Bisaya song! Amazing twist… would they be able to do it? 😀

Song Contest VIDEOS check-out! 🙂

Song: Watarase Bashi by Aya Matsuura

Song: Nandito Ako by Thalia

Now at the moment I couldn’t figure out which one’s Filipino or which one’s Japanese! 😀 Who’s the next Japan Fest idol? hehe Everyone in this contest are sure winners because singing in a different language is sure to be a tough one. 🙂

Now, where is that songbook…XD

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  1. great post!! fuwahh~ (*_*)v i wish i was able to join the contest. who won? >__<

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