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Sakura Cream|Japanese IceCream Shop

For foreign visitors, many would definitely be surprised of our(Cebu’s) high tropical heat in some other days (@[email protected])… And in these kind of days, surely most of us would want to indulge in eating a cool refreshing ice cream! 😀

In Cebu, you can see different kinds of ice creams selling in the market such as Italian ice creams which is also popular here. But have you also heard of soft ice creams? Actually Soft Icecreams are very popular in Japan. That soft ice cream that slowly melts in your mouth is now enjoyed not only in Japan but now also here in Cebu! 🙂

Sakura Cream Slow-melt softcream. The original Japanese soft ice cream, which just had recently opened last November. Located at the 1st Floor of J Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue.

Flavors comes in 3: Mochi Vanilla, Sakura, Maccha (Green Tea) Flavor. You can order in the sizes of Chiisai (small) cups, Chukurai (medium) cups, Ookii (Large) cups. And then add up your favorite toppings such as chocolate and white chocolates (and etc) as much as you can because they have Toppings Buffet here, sweet! 😉

For prices please refer below photo: (well ain’t it quite affordable? 😉 )

Now look at these beautiful shop attendants, they’re dressed pretty in Maid Cafe uniforms 🙂

Try the only Sakura flavored ice cream in Cebu here and now! 😀

Photos and article reference credits to: Mikio / Excite Cebu


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