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Taiyaki Tokyo in Cebu

Cebu is now overflowing of Japanese culture. Such as the popularity now on Okonomiyaki delicacies: Kameyaki and Mochiko are just one of those Japanese savory pancakes that local residents have already adapted as their own favorite snacks.

TAIYAKI TOKYO (鯛焼東京), is a new Japanese delicacy shop selling especially Japanese waffles in a form of a fish and stuffed with creamy fillings in different flavors, which have just gained popularity in the local Cebu market.

The location of this shop is at the busy street of Japanese restaurants, KTV, and saunas… and yes I meant about that A.S. Fortuna Street!
A.s. Fortuna Street is located in Mabolo area Mandaue City. This street is always known for its abundant of new establishments and business centers such as J Centre Mall, and Oakridge Pavilion… very convenient for business meetings especially good also for fine dining meetings at various Japanese restaurants such as Kagura, and Ichiriki Chaya.

So if you’re on a look out for an another unique Japanese treat, along this busy street you’ll find it just right next to a barbecue restaurant “Kaona Grill”… so you’ll never miss a chance to spot this new shop!

And this is how the shop looked like, and its so like the ones we see in Japan isn’t!

At the shop, you can also have the chance to see how the waffle is baked on the spot. Look at those fishes!(?) 😀

Flavors available are Azuki, Custard Cream, Cheese, and Ham & Cheese! What flavor do you like best as your filling? 🙂

And the good thing is that all flavors are in just one price of 20 peso each! 😀

Azuki is made of Japanese red beans, and this is what I would like to recommend since I think this one is originally Japanese. And I’ve heard that this is a favorite by many too.

Well, you take a look at this signboard!

“Hindi ako Isda, Japanese waffle ako. Matamis na! Masarap Pa!” English Translation: “I’m not a fish, I’m a Japanese waffle. I’m sweet! I’m delicious!” haha well I think its cute! I’d love to bite you now… XD

Photos by Mikio.


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