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Useful Bisaya-Japanese Conversation Book!|セブ語と日本語の会話本購入可能!

3 volumes of Bisaya(Cebuano Language) to Japanese Language related books are available for sale at ADVALAB Japanese Academy located in Mango Avenue, Cebu City!

Book titles:

  1. Cebu-Go Kaiwa Book (a Cebuano-Japanese Language  Conversation Book) PHP780
  2. Let’s Speak Japanese! (a Japanese Language learning Book) PHP480
  3. Otoko to Onna no Kaiwa (a book that illustrates common Male and Female conversation in Japanese and Bisaya Language) PHP780

Wouldn’t it be interesting teaching a Japanese friend some Bisaya phrases? So have your own copy now! 😀

Advalab Logo

CONTACT ADVALAB Japanese Academy: (032)232-9071 (also offering Japanese Language Study Courses. Call on your inquiries now!)

ADVALAB Japanese Academy MAP 地図

at Mango Avenue infront of LightHouse Restaurant / Mango Park Hotel



Otoko to Onna Kaiwa


その他、A.S.フォーツナ通りにある日本食材直輸入専門店・「町屋マート(MachiYa Mart)」でも購入可能です!

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