3 Pc Espresso Finish Wood Large Size Bedroom Make Up Vanity Set With Tri - Fold - YouTube ( Espresso Makeup Vanity Set #3)

» » » 3 Pc Espresso Finish Wood Large Size Bedroom Make Up Vanity Set With Tri - Fold - YouTube ( Espresso Makeup Vanity Set #3)
Photo 3 of 83 Pc Espresso Finish Wood Large Size Bedroom Make Up Vanity Set With Tri -  Fold - YouTube ( Espresso Makeup Vanity Set #3)

3 Pc Espresso Finish Wood Large Size Bedroom Make Up Vanity Set With Tri - Fold - YouTube ( Espresso Makeup Vanity Set #3)

8 images of 3 Pc Espresso Finish Wood Large Size Bedroom Make Up Vanity Set With Tri - Fold - YouTube ( Espresso Makeup Vanity Set #3)

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      1. an upward movement;
      2. a rise of fortune, mood, etc.
      3. a time of good fortune, prosperity, or happiness: He has had more ups than downs in his career.
      4. an upbound means of public transportation, as a train or bus.
      5. [Informal.]a feeling or state of happiness, exuberance, or elation.
      6. [Slang.]upper (def. 10).
      7. a person or thing that is in a favorable position of wealth, fortune, etc.: People who were ups in the business world suffered losses in the economic depression.
      8. an upward slope;
      9. an upward course or rise, as in price or value: The landlord promised his tenants there would be no further ups in the rent this year.
      10. [Slang.]upper2.
      11. on the up and up, [Informal.]frank;
        sincere: He seems to be on the up and up.Also,  on the up-and-up. 

      1. to put or take up.
      2. to make larger;
        step up: to up output.
      3. to raise;
        go better than (a preceding wager): to up the ante.

      1. [Informal.]to start up;
        begin something abruptly (usually fol. by and and another verb): Then he upped and ran away from home.
      2. (often used imperatively or hortatively) to rise up: Up, men, and fight until all the enemy are defeated!


      van•i•ty (vani tē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ties, adj. 
      1. excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.;
        character or quality of being vain;
        conceit: Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity.
      2. an instance or display of this quality or feeling.
      3. something about which one is vain.
      4. lack of real value;
        worthlessness: the vanity of a selfish life.
      5. something worthless, trivial, or pointless.
      6. See  vanity case. 
      7. See  dressing table. 
      8. a wide, counterlike shelf containing a wash basin, as in the bathroom of a hotel or residence, often equipped with shelves, drawers, etc., underneath.
      9. a cabinet built below or around a bathroom sink, primarily to hide exposed pipes.
      10. compact1 (def. 13).

      1. produced as a showcase for one's own talents, esp. as a writer, actor, singer, or composer: a vanity production.
      2. of, pertaining to, or issued by a vanity press: a spate of vanity books.
      vani•tied, adj. 


      set (set),USA pronunciation v.,  set, set•ting, n., adj., interj. 
      1. to put (something or someone) in a particular place: to set a vase on a table.
      2. to place in a particular position or posture: Set the baby on his feet.
      3. to place in some relation to something or someone: We set a supervisor over the new workers.
      4. to put into some condition: to set a house on fire.
      5. to put or apply: to set fire to a house.
      6. to put in the proper position: to set a chair back on its feet.
      7. to put in the proper or desired order or condition for use: to set a trap.
      8. to distribute or arrange china, silver, etc., for use on (a table): to set the table for dinner.
      9. to place (the hair, esp. when wet) on rollers, in clips, or the like, so that the hair will assume a particular style.
      10. to put (a price or value) upon something: He set $7500 as the right amount for the car. The teacher sets a high value on neatness.
      11. to fix the value of at a certain amount or rate;
        value: He set the car at $500. She sets neatness at a high value.
      12. to post, station, or appoint for the purpose of performing some duty: to set spies on a person.
      13. to determine or fix definitely: to set a time limit.
      14. to resolve or decide upon: to set a wedding date.
      15. to cause to pass into a given state or condition: to set one's mind at rest; to set a prisoner free.
      16. to direct or settle resolutely or wishfully: to set one's mind to a task.
      17. to present as a model;
        place before others as a standard: to set a good example.
      18. to establish for others to follow: to set a fast pace.
      19. to prescribe or assign, as a task.
      20. to adjust (a mechanism) so as to control its performance.
      21. to adjust the hands of (a clock or watch) according to a certain standard: I always set my watch by the clock in the library.
      22. to adjust (a timer, alarm of a clock, etc.) so as to sound when desired: He set the alarm for seven o'clock.
      23. to fix or mount (a gem or the like) in a frame or setting.
      24. to ornament or stud with gems or the like: a bracelet set with pearls.
      25. to cause to sit;
        seat: to set a child in a highchair.
      26. to put (a hen) on eggs to hatch them.
      27. to place (eggs) under a hen or in an incubator for hatching.
      28. to place or plant firmly: to set a flagpole in concrete.
      29. to put into a fixed, rigid, or settled state, as the face, muscles, etc.
      30. to fix at a given point or calibration: to set the dial on an oven; to set a micrometer.
      31. to tighten (often fol. by up): to set nuts well up.
      32. to cause to take a particular direction: to set one's course to the south.
      33. to put (a broken or dislocated bone) back in position.
      34. (of a hunting dog) to indicate the position of (game) by standing stiffly and pointing with the muzzle.
        • to fit, as words to music.
        • to arrange for musical performance.
        • to arrange (music) for certain voices or instruments.
      35. [Theat.]
        • to arrange the scenery, properties, lights, etc., on (a stage) for an act or scene.
        • to prepare (a scene) for dramatic performance.
      36. to spread and secure (a sail) so as to catch the wind.
      37. [Print.]
        • to arrange (type) in the order required for printing.
        • to put together types corresponding to (copy);
          compose in type: to set an article.
      38. [Baking.]to put aside (a substance to which yeast has been added) in order that it may rise.
      39. to change into curd: to set milk with rennet.
      40. to cause (glue, mortar, or the like) to become fixed or hard.
      41. to urge, goad, or encourage to attack: to set the hounds on a trespasser.
      42. [Bridge.]to cause (the opposing partnership or their contract) to fall short: We set them two tricks at four spades. Only perfect defense could set four spades.
      43. to affix or apply, as by stamping: The king set his seal to the decree.
      44. to fix or engage (a fishhook) firmly into the jaws of a fish by pulling hard on the line once the fish has taken the bait.
      45. to sharpen or put a keen edge on (a blade, knife, razor, etc.) by honing or grinding.
      46. to fix the length, width, and shape of (yarn, fabric, etc.).
      47. [Carpentry.]to sink (a nail head) with a nail set.
      48. to bend or form to the proper shape, as a saw tooth or a spring.
      49. to bend the teeth of (a saw) outward from the blade alternately on both sides in order to make a cut wider than the blade itself.

      1. to pass below the horizon;
        sink: The sun sets early in winter.
      2. to decline;
      3. to assume a fixed or rigid state, as the countenance or the muscles.
      4. (of the hair) to be placed temporarily on rollers, in clips, or the like, in order to assume a particular style: Long hair sets more easily than short hair.
      5. to become firm, solid, or permanent, as mortar, glue, cement, or a dye, due to drying or physical or chemical change.
      6. to sit on eggs to hatch them, as a hen.
      7. to hang or fit, as clothes.
      8. to begin to move;
        start (usually fol. by forth, out, off, etc.).
      9. (of a flower's ovary) to develop into a fruit.
      10. (of a hunting dog) to indicate the position of game.
      11. to have a certain direction or course, as a wind, current, or the like.
      12. (of a sail) to be spread so as to catch the wind.
      13. (of type) to occupy a certain width: This copy sets to forty picas.
      14. [Nonstandard.]sit: Come in and set a spell.
      15. set about: 
        • to begin on;
        • to undertake;
        • to assault;
      16. set against: 
        • to cause to be hostile or antagonistic.
        • to compare or contrast: The advantages must be set against the disadvantages.
      17. set ahead, to set to a later setting or time: Set your clocks ahead one hour.
      18. set apart: 
        • to reserve for a particular purpose.
        • to cause to be noticed;
          distinguish: Her bright red hair sets her apart from her sisters.
      19. set aside: 
        • to put to one side;
          reserve: The clerk set aside the silver brooch for me.
        • to dismiss from the mind;
        • to prevail over;
          annul: to set aside a verdict.
      20. set back: 
        • to hinder;
        • to turn the hands of (a watch or clock) to show an earlier time: When your plane gets to California, set your watch back two hours.
        • to reduce to a lower setting: Set back the thermostat before you go to bed.
      21. set by, to save or keep for future use.
      22. set down: 
        • to write or to copy or record in writing or printing.
        • to consider;
          estimate: to set someone down as a fool.
        • to attribute;
          ascribe: to set a failure down to bad planning.
        • to put in a position of rest on a level surface.
        • to humble or humiliate.
        • to land an airplane: We set down in a heavy fog.
        • (in horse racing) to suspend (a jockey) from competition because of some offense or infraction of the rules.
      23. set forth: 
        • to give an account of;
          describe: He set forth his theory in a scholarly report.
        • to begin a journey;
          start: Columbus set forth with three small ships.
      24. set forward, to turn the hands of (a watch or clock) to show a later time: When your plane lands in New York, set your watch forward two hours.
      25. set in: 
        • to begin to prevail;
          arrive: Darkness set in.
        • (of winds or currents) to blow or flow toward the shore.
      26. set off: 
        • to cause to become ignited or to explode.
        • to begin;
        • to intensify or improve by contrast.
        • to begin a journey or trip;
      27. set on: 
        • Also,  set upon. to attack or cause to attack: to set one's dog on a stranger.
        • to instigate;
          incite: to set a crew to mutiny.
      28. set one's face against. See  face (def. 35).
      29. set out: 
        • to begin a journey or course: to set out for home.
        • to undertake;
          attempt: He set out to prove his point.
        • to design;
          plan: to set out a pattern.
        • to define;
          describe: to set out one's arguments.
        • to plant: to set out petunias and pansies.
        • to lay out (the plan of a building) in actual size at the site.
        • to lay out (a building member or the like) in actual size.
      30. set store by. See  store (def. 9).
      31. set to: 
        • to make a vigorous effort;
          apply oneself to work;
        • to begin to fight;
      32. set up: 
        • to put upright;
        • to put into a high or powerful position.
        • to construct;
        • to be assembled or made ready for use: exercise equipment that sets up in a jiffy.
        • to inaugurate;
        • to enable to begin in business;
          provide with means.
        • to make a gift of;
          treat, as to drinks.
        • to stimulate;
        • to propound;
        • to bring about;
        • to become firm or hard, as a glue or cement: a paint that sets up within five minutes.
        • to lead or lure into a dangerous, detrimental, or embarrassing situation, as by deceitful prearrangement or connivance.
        • to entrap or frame, as an innocent person in a crime or a criminal suspect in a culpable circumstance in order to achieve an arrest.
        • to arrange the murder or execution of: His partner set him up with the mob.
        • [Bridge.]to establish (a suit): to set up spades.

      1. the act or state of setting or the state of being set.
      2. a collection of articles designed for use together: a set of china; a chess set.
      3. a collection, each member of which is adapted for a special use in a particular operation: a set of golf clubs; a set of carving knives.
      4. a number, group, or combination of things of similar nature, design, or function: a set of ideas.
      5. a series of volumes by one author, about one subject, etc.
      6. a number, company, or group of persons associated by common interests, occupations, conventions, or status: a set of murderous thieves; the smart set.
      7. the fit, as of an article of clothing: the set of his coat.
      8. fixed direction, bent, or inclination: The set of his mind was obvious.
      9. bearing or carriage: the set of one's shoulders.
      10. the assumption of a fixed, rigid, or hard state, as by mortar or glue.
      11. the arrangement of the hair in a particular style: How much does the beauty parlor charge for a shampoo and set?
      12. a plate for holding a tool or die.
      13. an apparatus for receiving radio or television programs;
      14. [Philately.]a group of stamps that form a complete series.
      15. [Tennis.]a unit of a match, consisting of a group of not fewer than six games with a margin of at least two games between the winner and loser: He won the match in straight sets of 6–3, 6–4, 6–4.
      16. a construction representing a place or scene in which the action takes place in a stage, motion-picture, or television production.
      17. [Mach.]
        • the bending out of the points of alternate teeth of a saw in opposite directions.
        • a permanent deformation or displacement of an object or part.
        • a tool for giving a certain form to something, as a saw tooth.
      18. a chisel having a wide blade for dividing bricks.
      19. [Hort.]a young plant, or a slip, tuber, or the like, suitable for planting.
      20. [Dancing.]
        • the number of couples required to execute a quadrille or the like.
        • a series of movements or figures that make up a quadrille or the like.
        • a group of pieces played by a band, as in a night club, and followed by an intermission.
        • the period during which these pieces are played.
      21. [Bridge.]a failure to take the number of tricks specified by one's contract: Our being vulnerable made the set even more costly.
      22. [Naut.]
        • the direction of a wind, current, etc.
        • the form or arrangement of the sails, spars, etc., of a vessel.
        • suit (def. 12).
      23. [Psychol.]a temporary state of an organism characterized by a readiness to respond to certain stimuli in a specific way.
      24. a timber frame bracing or supporting the walls or roof of a shaft or stope.
      25. [Carpentry.]See  nail set. 
      26. a collection of objects or elements classed together.
      27. the width of a body of type.
      28. sett (def. 3).

      1. fixed or prescribed beforehand: a set time; set rules.
      2. specified;
        fixed: The hall holds a set number of people.
      3. deliberately composed;
        customary: set phrases.
      4. fixed;
        rigid: a set smile.
      5. resolved or determined;
        habitually or stubbornly fixed: to be set in one's opinions.
      6. completely prepared;
        ready: Is everyone set?
      7. all set, in readiness;
        prepared: They were at the starting line and all set to begin.

      1. (in calling the start of a race): Ready! Set! Go!
      Also,  get set! 


      with (with, wiᵺ),USA pronunciation prep. 
      1. accompanied by;
        accompanying: I will go with you. He fought with his brother against the enemy.
      2. in some particular relation to (esp. implying interaction, company, association, conjunction, or connection): I dealt with the problem. She agreed with me.
      3. characterized by or having: a person with initiative.
      4. (of means or instrument) by the use of;
        using: to line a coat with silk; to cut with a knife.
      5. (of manner) using or showing: to work with diligence.
      6. in correspondence, comparison, or proportion to: Their power increased with their number. How does their plan compare with ours?
      7. in regard to: to be pleased with a gift.
      8. (of cause) owing to: to die with pneumonia; to pale with fear.
      9. in the region, sphere, or view of: It is day with us while it is night with the Chinese.
      10. (of separation) from: to part with a thing.
      11. against, as in opposition or competition: He fought with his brother over the inheritance.
      12. in the keeping or service of: to leave something with a friend.
      13. in affecting the judgment, estimation, or consideration of: Her argument carried a lot of weight with the trustees.
      14. at the same time as or immediately after;
        upon: And with that last remark, she turned and left.
      15. of the same opinion or conviction as: Are you with me or against me?
      16. in proximity to or in the same household as: He lives with his parents.
      17. (used as a function word to specify an additional circumstance or condition): We climbed the hill, with Jeff following behind.
      18. in with. See  in (def. 22).
      19. with child, pregnant.
      20. with it: 
        • knowledgeable about, sympathetic to, or partaking of the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
        • representing or characterized by the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
      21. with that. See  that (def. 10).


    6. a combining form meaning "three,'' used in the formation of compound words: triacid; triatomic.


    fold1  (fōld),USA pronunciation v.t. 
    1. to bend (cloth, paper, etc.) over upon itself.
    2. to bring into a compact form by bending and laying parts together (often fol. by up): to fold up a map; to fold one's legs under oneself.
    3. to bring (the arms, hands, etc.) together in an intertwined or crossed manner;
      cross: He folded his arms on his chest.
    4. to bend or wind (usually fol. by about, round, etc.): to fold one's arms about a person's neck.
    5. to bring (the wings) close to the body, as a bird on alighting.
    6. to enclose;
      envelop: to fold something in paper.
    7. to embrace or clasp;
      enfold: to fold someone in one's arms.
    8. [Cards.]to place (one's cards) facedown so as to withdraw from the play.
    9. to bring to an end;
      close up: The owner decided to fold the business and retire.

    1. to be folded or be capable of folding: The doors fold back.
    2. [Cards.]to place one's cards facedown so as to withdraw from the play.
    3. to fail in business;
      be forced to close: The newspaper folded after 76 years.
    4. to yield or give in: Dad folded and said we could go after all.
    5. fold in, [Cookery.]to mix in or add (an ingredient) by gently turning one part over another: Fold in the egg whites.
    6. fold up: 
      • to break down;
        collapse: He folded up when the prosecutor discredited his story.
      • to fail, esp. to go out of business.

    1. a part that is folded;
      layer: folds of cloth.
    2. a crease made by folding: He cut the paper along the fold.
    3. a hollow made by folding: to carry something in the fold of one's dress.
    4. a hollow place in undulating ground: a fold of the mountains.
    5. a portion of strata that is folded or bent, as an anticline or syncline, or that connects two horizontal or parallel portions of strata of different levels (as a monocline).
      • the line formed along the horizontal center of a standard-sized newspaper when it is folded after printing.
      • a rough-and-ready dividing line, esp. on the front page and other principal pages, between stories of primary and lesser importance.
    6. a coil of a serpent, string, etc.
    7. the act of folding or doubling over.
    8. a margin or ridge formed by the folding of a membrane or other flat body part;
    folda•ble, adj. 

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