» » » Quilt, Lavender Rose . ( Lavender Patchwork Quilt #2)

Quilt, Lavender Rose . ( Lavender Patchwork Quilt #2)

Photo 2 of 4Quilt, Lavender Rose . ( Lavender Patchwork Quilt  #2)

Quilt, Lavender Rose . ( Lavender Patchwork Quilt #2)

Quilt, Lavender Rose . ( Lavender Patchwork Quilt #2) Photos Collection

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lav•en•der (lavən dər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a pale bluish purple.
  2. any Old World plant or shrub belonging to the genus Lavandula, of the mint family, esp. L. angustifolia, having spikes of fragrant, pale purple flowers.
  3. the dried flowers or other parts of this plant placed among linen, clothes, etc., for scent or as a preservative.
  4. Also called  lavender wa′ter. toilet water, shaving lotion, or the like, made with a solution of oil of lavender.

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