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Row Selection (lovely Material Table Awesome Ideas #3)

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Row Selection (lovely Material Table Awesome Ideas #3)

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row1  (rō),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a number of persons or things arranged in a line, esp. a straight line: a row of apple trees.
  2. a line of persons or things so arranged: The petitioners waited in a row.
  3. a line of adjacent seats facing the same way, as in a theater: seats in the third row of the balcony.
  4. a street formed by two continuous lines of buildings.
  5. See  tone row. 
  6. [Checkers.]one of the horizontal lines of squares on a checkerboard;
  7. hard or  long row to hoe, a difficult task or set of circumstances to confront: At 32 and with two children, she found attending medical school a hard row to hoe.

  1. to put in a row (often fol. by up).

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